Royal Printing Press LLC was established in 1989 with one mission: to be a high quality Print Shop in the Sharjah area. The company has since expanded into the stationery business with the 'PSI' brand of stationeries and the packaging industry with a state of the art plant setup in Dubai Investments Park. The group has various offset printing machines from Heidelberg, Komori, Koenig & Bauer and Sakurai in the B1, B2 and B3 sizes ranging from 8 colours, 6 colours, 5 colours, 4 colours and 2 colours and is supported by high end print finishing and binding machinery from Wohlenberg, Polar Mohr, Muller Martini, Bobst, Stahl, Bielomatik and Horauf. We believe that relationships are the most important aspect of a successful client partnership. Inspired by the owner who started the business, every team member focuses on building lasting relationships. 



We take pride in being a leading print business for all your print, stationery and packaging requirements with an expertise in exceeding industry standards in terms of quality and delivery. Royal Printing Press is fully equipped to handle all commercial print requirements. Products being produced in-house include business cards, letterheads, marketing collaterals, desk calendars, wall calendars, brochures, leaflets, coffee table books, hard cover books, shopping bags, custom made boxes, envelopes, digital prints, roll ups, banners, pop ups etc to name a few. The plant in Dubai, DIP is fully equipped with state of the art machinery to handle all our clients’ packaging requirements. Products produced in this factory include food boxes, medicine boxes, cartons, promotional packs, detergent boxes and perfume boxes. PSI’s stationery products range from registers, diaries, flip charts, writing pads, personal, organizers, notebooks, university books, square cut folders, office supplies, pens, markers, table stands, desktop items etc. Almost all paper based items are produced in the company’s Union Emirates facility located in Ajman . PSI serves the UAE market as well as the GCC, MENA and far east. The group has been in operation for almost 30 years, operating from 3 independent locations (Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman) with a total area of 220,000 sq.ft. and employing almost 300 personnel.

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Some of our products


Paper Bags


Diaries & Calendars

We work with multiple clients directly and through their print managers to produce high quality paper bags that have a wide variety of uses. Clients for such products range from individual companies and retailers to premium brand owners and we are able to customise their requirements in strict compliance with their brand guidelines.

We have the capability to produce any style of desk and wall calendars and diaries inhouse. Our options range from budget conscious styles to highly creative designs best suited to our clients individual requirements.

Every business needs brochures. And we produce them quickly and professionally. We are equipped with state of the art color management software to ensure correct color reproductions of all our clients digital creations. Be it a PUR bound book, hard cover book or a simple saddle stitched brochure, we are fully equipped to produce any brochure inhouse and deliver our customers print on time.

Coffee Table Books



Marketing Collaterals

Custom Print

We are good at doing coffee table books! All operations are done in-house and complicated examples of coffee table books for VIP's have been executed successfully at our press complete with the boxes these marvellous creations slip into.

We are well equipped in handing today's print delivered yesterday. Understanding the needs of marketing directors, advertising and branding agencies, event managers and the occasional requirement of 'samples' to the CEO's office, we know the importance of having all marketing print requirements of our valuable clients delivered on time. Products from simple leaflets to the entire marketing campaign including gift items, we deliver on time, every time!

PSI, the stationery brand of our group has stationery products ranging from registers, diaries, flip charts, writing pads, personal organisers, notebooks, university books, square cut folders, office supplies, pens, markers, table stands, desktop items etc. Almost all items are produced in the company’s facility in Ajman. PSI serves the UAE market as well as the GCC, MENA and far east. PSI exclusively distributes 'Elsoon'.

Variable Data Printing

Give us your marketing challenge by allowing us to incorporate VDP into your print campaigns. We are equipped with the latest Kodak Nexpress to ensure high quality digital prints coupled with state of the art VDP software to ensure the voice from your print campaign is heard loud and clear. And yes, our machine has the long sheet feeder to give our customers the benefit.

Complicated print? No problem! We are looking to take on challenging print works from our clients. Our skilled staff produce hand made boxes, custom printed products with a mix of other unique materials and media to produce a truly unique printed product for the end user. Do you have unique requirements? We are happy to discuss it with you.

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